The Small & The Sultry Hit The Pitch From Willy Miniatures

August 29, 2014 by brennon

Willy-Miniatures have some more players for you to draft in your next Fantasy Football season. This time we're going for both the small and the sultry with a Halfling Gardener Doctor and the Witch Elf Star Player!

Halfling Gardener Doctor

Witch Elf Star Player

I'm not entirely sure if I would let that Halfling handle my broken leg or dislocated soldier to be honest but at least he might have some nice food in that pouch of his. On the pitch however we also have the cool looking Witch Elf and although I quite the sculpt I would think she'd slip up rather easily on that cloak of hers - in fact it looks like she might have done so already.

Something for your next team?

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