Willy Miniatures’ Team Dwarfs Kick Off At Kickstarter

July 18, 2016 by dracs

Willy Miniatures have returned to the playing pitch of Kickstarter to kick off their new fantasy football team of dwarf players.

Team Dwarfs Funded

Willy have become particularly adept at creating fantasy football teams that have their own unique style, yet still owe a lot to the retro look of classic Blood Bowl.

This new team of dwarfs provides players with some particularly nice bearded battlers, not to mention their own take on the now iconic death roller and even a dwarf cheerleader.

Team Dwarfs

Willy have already managed to fully fund this team, so we can look forward to seeing them stomping onto the pitch some time in the near future. They are currently sitting at over twice the initial funding goal and have just unlocked the dwarf bomber.

Dwarf Bomber

First they bring a lawn roller with spikes, now they have grenades! This team will definitely make for a fun match.

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"First they bring a lawn roller with spikes, now they have grenades!"

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