Willy-Miniatures Draft In A Stabbing Skeleton

December 10, 2013 by brennon

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Willy-Miniatures have another player for the Fantasy Football pitch and this time it's from the other side. This Skeleton is going to unsheathe his dagger and make sure he stabs it into the ball carrier.

Skeleton with Dagger

As you can see it has the same style and substance as they normally provide and he looks incredibly intent on rushing your ball carrier and giving him a KO he won't forget in a hurry. If in doubt and 4-0 down, just stab them.

You could also use him as an assassin of some kind on the battlefield as, when you think about it, he doesn't look overly Football-ified in his outfit. It could just be normal armour!

What do you think of this sand dwelling skeleton?

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