Willy-Miniatures Form Their Ultimate Halfling Football Team!

August 1, 2013 by brennon

Willy-Miniatures are another company taking to the fundraising platform, this time through IndieGoGo, to fund their Ultimate Halfling Fantasy Football Team. How do you think these pint sized players have turned out?

Ultimate Halfling Team #1

Ultimate Halfling Team #2

The Halfling Team has been put together with a whole bunch of other rewards and it sure looks like an epic team. They might suck a little on the Blood Bowl pitch but that's half the fun! It's always fun seeing these guys get pounded, or in surprising situations, ganging up for a proper brawl. The treemen are pretty brutal too.

Willy-Miniatures are always good at creating interesting teams and this is no exception.

Will you get your team together?

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