Willy-Miniatures Hand out the Goblin Sized Secret Weapons

September 3, 2012 by brennon

It's not just Titan-Forge that seem to be concentrating on Goblins right now. Willy-Miniatures have a new set for you too, although this lot are more suited to the Fantasy Football Field than the battlefield...

Goblin Secret Weapons

Some funny miniatures that are bound to go wrong just when you need them the most. I have played a Goblin team for a while and I can safely say that secret weapons can do a lot of harm. That doesn't stop them being fun though!

This Secret Weapon Team is also part of a whole load of September releases which we've all seen before. Check out the link to the Goblins for a full run down of what's on offer.

Are these right for you sports fans?

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