Willy-Miniatures Send Dead Elves Onto The Football Pitch

October 2, 2013 by brennon

Willy-Miniatures have another addition to your Fantasy Football line-up in the shape of this Skeleton Dark Elf. This could be a neat way of spicing up your undead team so that it's not just humans!

Dark Elf Skeleton

These chaps always do well when it comes to Fantasy Football sculpts and this one is no different. He might be a basic linesman but he is much better looking than your average one, even if he is all err...bones?

If you were feeling particularly adventurous you could always try and get the ball out of his hands and swap it for a weapon then add a shield onto his other hand. Then you'd have a warrior!

Overall though this is just a neat way of making your undead team look a little less samey!

What do you think?

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