Willy-Miniatures Test Which Goblins Have The Right Stuff

July 25, 2013 by brennon

Willy-Miniatures are going to be testing out which Goblins have the right stuff with their new Ogre Player. Check him out as he winds up for another big throw!

Fantasy Football Ogre

As anyone who plays Blood Bowl against me knows, I am a big fan of The Right Stuff and chucking players around with wonton abandon. So this Ogre, clutching the Goblin and winding up for the throw is an awesome little snapshot from the pitch.

I love Blood Bowl as it always creates funny fantasy moments like this and it's the same in games like DreadBall too. As a model I think the gut is a little odd looking but apart from that he would be a welcome addition to my team.

What do you think of this big team player?

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