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Q&A Time! What’s Next From Winged Hussar Publishing?


We stopped in with Vincent Rospond of Winged Hussar Publishing to find out more about what they've been up to and what's coming in the future as they collaborate with loads of other companies.

Winged Hussar Publishing Taking On Battles & Martian Invasions


Winged Hussar Publishing have added a new sourcebook to their collection for you to start planning out some alternative history gaming. The first of these is very much in the theme of otherworld experiences with The Great Martian War by Scott H. Washburn...

Winged Hussar To Produce Lore For Beyond The Gates Of Antares


This fall we will be able to read all about the tales of Beyond The Gates Of Antares. Winged Hussar has announced they are partnering with Warlord and Rick Priestley to bring these stories to life.

Warlord Brings Home The Orphan Eagles For Black Powder


Warlord Games expands their library for Black Powder with the help of Winged Hussar Publishing.

Sample Chapter – The Dragoon Clan: Rebirth of Courage


Winged Hussar Publishing have provided us with another sample chapter for a book they think might well interest some of you Backstage members.

Wild West Exodus: Honor Among Outlaws – Sample Chapter


If you are a Backstage member this is your chance to have a read though a sample chapter from "Honor Among Outlaws"!

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