Think Up Deadly Malefic Curses In Wiz-War Expansion

September 6, 2013 by brennon

Fantasy Flight Games are adding to their Wiz-War experience with the new expansion, Malefic Curses. Here you get access to new schools of magic, another player and plenty of spells of course!

Wiz-War - Malefic Curses

In Malefic Curses you are allowed to bring in a fifth player as well as the schools of Hexcraft, Necromancy and Chaos. As well as that energy is now firing off all over the place and you will be able to supercharge your spells with added 'ultimate powah!'

Spells #1

Spells #2

You will have to make sure you master these new spells as I'm fairly sure that Wiz-War is going to explode with the amount of magic they are pouring into it. I loved how crazy this game was to begin with and with another player in the mix too it's going to be insane.

There are a few Wiz-War veterans that weren't impressed by this new take on it by Fantasy Flight but I have found it to be quite fun!

Will you open up a new spell book?

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