Play Chess The Team Fortress 2 Way With WizKids

November 20, 2013 by brennon

WizKids have decided to get in on this massive hat phenomenon that has grown up around Team Fortress 2 by bringing out a themed Chess Set towards Christmas time.

Team Fortress Chess Box

Red Vs Blue

As you can see it looks like a typical game of chess but with the added Team Fortress spin to it. In the video game you can get your hands on a selection of hats to give you different abilities, and while I don't think that's the case here it does look like you can decide who is going to be your King.

Swappable Heads

This is going to be available through ThinkGeek in the very near future and is essentially a vanity buy if you're a lover of both Team Fortress and Chess. I quite like the geometric designs of the chess pieces but of course it would be nice for there to be a bit more too it than just chess if I were going to pick this up.

A lot of people were actually interested in seeing HeroClix Team Fortress 2 so maybe this is a sign of things to come.

Would you grab this?

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