Some Amazing Wolsung Playing Cards From Micro Art!

September 10, 2014 by brennon

Micro Art Studios have shown off the awesome looking playing cards that will be part of their Wolsung SSG Kickstarter. The artwork is utterly fantastic and this would certainly add a edge to your games if you had some of these I reckon!

Wolsung Playing Cards

Brilliant looking and with plenty of character. As I said before I can't say enough good things about the artwork that really bring the world of Wolsung to life and have solidified it into a unified theme and style now. The backs of the cards are great too and obviously you'd have a great reason to run a steampunk themed poker night with these too!


On the miniatures side of things they've also shown off this work-in-progress piece of scenery for the tabletop that is the Hideout. The wall you see there won't be part of the final product to keep you in the know but it would be a cool objective on the tabletop as well as something for the Ven Rier Agents.

Are you loving the cards as much as me?

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