The Ash & Oak Club Rides Out In A New Wolsung Automobile

July 31, 2014 by brennon

Micro Art's Wolsung is going through the motions of sending out the awesome rewards of their Kickstarter to backers and showing off the work on some of their new miniatures!


The Cook & The Kitchen Boy

Automobile II

See what you think of the awesome work on the Gardener, the Cook & The Kitchen Boy and the rather awesome looking Automobile that they'll all be riding around in. Maybe the Automobile contains a bit of very important kit that all of the gangs are looking to get their hands on? Could it be that the Automobile is riding through town and another gang has set an ambush on it?

Either way imagination is indeed the way forward and the Ash & Oak Club are pretty much the perfect looking faction for me. I love their Victoriana-style and the mix of the Steampunk obviously. Plus they have a Dwarf Gardener!

What do you think?

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