New Epic Stretch Goals Set For The Wolsung SSG Kickstarter!

July 8, 2014 by brennon

Wolsung SSG is still going great (steam) guns on Kickstarter and Micro Art Studios have some more stretch goals and upgrades for your pledges to come as the fundraiser winds down towards its final ten days...

6.5k Ubume Borei & Warashi

70k Point

70k Huge Golem

7.25k Dorothy Quimbi

80k Miniatures

First up we have the very cool stretch goals for the project. It starts off with something very creepy indeed with Ubume and the Warashi, it certainly has something of The Grudge about it! Following on from that I think it's the one we've all wanted, the massive mechanical Huge Golem! Of course there are more brilliant inventions and characters after that too and it would be awesome to see them added into peoples pledges.

Add-ons #1

Add-ons #2

As well as the actual stretch goals they have added on a pair of, well, add-ons so you can tweak some of your pledges and pick up some more miniatures to add to your favourite faction...

Backer Special Ruler

...and they round things off with this very snazzy looking wooden Wolsung Ruler which is unlocked and available to all backers above the basic level! A nice gesture!

Do you have your eye on any of those stretch goal miniatures? It's got to be the Huge Golem surely!?

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