Get an Exclusive Look at the New Wolsung Kickstarter!

June 18, 2014 by dracs

We have a bit of a treat for you guys today, as Micro Art Studios have been kind enough to send us a couple of exclusive images showing off the models that will be appearing in the upcoming Wolsung Kickstarter!

Ven Rier's Undercover Agents Art

Possibly the most exciting thing about the new fundraiser is the two new clubs; ย the necrotic forces of Ven Rier's Undercover Agents and short crime wave of the Halfling Scylla families.

Sturmbannfuhrer Jurgen

Sturmbannfuhrer Jurgen Back

Adela ven Uss

Adela ven Uss Back

Halfling Gangsters

Halfling Gangsters Back

Each of these models have a fantastic design that helps separate them from the other factions running around Wolsung. The more I see of them, the more I want to find out more about their background, especially the Ven Rier's Agents, who are displaying a good level of variety in their designs.

Don't worry though if you are already a member of a club, the existing factions will also be getting some new models and Micro Art have sent us the pictures of some of the new additions to the Triad of the Lotus Dragon.


Onryo Back

Hisao Shiryo

Hisao Shiryo

Lesser Steam DragonsLesser Steam Dragons Back

Which actually got to see a couple of these minis when we chose our minis for the Wolsung demo game we played. Hisao (third down) was one of the heroes I had leading my own gang and I found his abilities to manipulate the mist a lot of fun.

All of these new minis will bring some interesting new developments to the game, opening up new tactical options for you to exploit. Of course, these aren't all that Wolsung will be getting, and with the Kickstarter appearing this weekend we won't have long to wait to see what else will be in store.

Do you think you would like to start Wolsung? Are you going to chip in to the Kickstarter?

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