More Fantastical Inventions For The Wolsung Kickstarter!

June 28, 2014 by brennon

Micro Art Studios Wolsung SSG Kickstarter is going great guns (or should that be steam guns?) and with that they have some added sketches for you to check out for prospective future miniatures!

Luigi Campari

Ninja Cats


The Gardener

So what do you think of those chaps? I don't think you can go too far wrong with a multi-limbed Gardener or indeed Ninja Cats! A little amendment to the above images however as Luigi is actually for the Inventors!

I love the amount of characterful heroes and villains these guys have put together for this game and it appears as if the sky is the limit when it comes to ideas and new crackpot adventures! I have gone for some of the more silly miniatures this time around as my favourites but that Samurai is also just amazing.

What do you think folks?

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