Gaze in Wonder at Wolsung’s Giant Golem

January 12, 2015 by dracs

The releases for the last Wolsung SSG Kickstarter are being prepared for shipping out, but in the meantime something massive has appeared striding down the streets of the steampunk city.

Check out the initial cast of Wolsung's Giant Golem!

Wolsung Golem

This steam powered colossus is promising to be one of the best steampunk automata models out there, with exposed piping and gears clearly available and the diver's helmet style head giving it a distinct character that matches with Wolsung's general style. The weapon systems are yet to be printed and it will reportedly come with a special 80mm base, but already this is shaping up to be one of Wolsung's greatest minis.

As well as the Golem, Micro Art Studio have shown off another large Wolsung sculpt, although next to that this Sumo looks positively dainty.

Sumo Wrestler

Sumo Wrestler Back

It seems even the art of sumo wrestling has been changed by the march of technology. Being a Sumo Wrestler, this character is probably pretty tough even without his harness, but now he would definitely not be someone you want to get within arms reach of.

Do you play Wolsung SSG? Would you bring that Golem into your battles?

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"something massive has appeared striding down the streets of the steampunk city..."

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