Hop On Your Hobby Horse for Two New Wolsung Sculpts

July 14, 2014 by dracs

Two new sculpts have joined the Inventors' Club at the Kickstarter for the new additions to Wolsung SSG. It's time to mount up and check out their latest steam powered contraptions.

First we have the delightfully ridiculous, and even more delightfully named, Henry Bucklepunch.

Henry Bucklepunch

Henry here is an inventor dressed in a heavily riveted, steam-powered suit of knight's armour, which makes him stand out even among the other eccentrics of the Inventor's club. The hobby horse is a particularly nice touch, and from the looks of the mini it will make a far better mount for zipping about the table than even a regular horse would.

Standing higher than even this Knight in spring loaded armour is the new Giant Golem miniature.

Giant Golem

Given that this Golem is wielding a street lamp as though it were a golf club, it is safe to assume that this contraption will be able to cause quite a lot of damage in the game.

The sculpt promises to be far more detailed than even some of the previous Wolsung Golems, with exposed gears and pipes everywhere to show off the craftsmanship, not to mention ornate filigree on sections such as the shin protection.

As of me writing this, there are only five days left on the Kickstarter. Hurry over if you want to get hold of these great sculpts!

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