Micro Art Show Off the Latest Citizens of Wolsung’s Lyonesse

September 24, 2014 by dracs

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The streets of Lyonesse are getting rather crowded as Micro Art show off the new miniatures funded through Kickstarter which will be joining the game of Wolsung SSG.

Wolsung New miniatures

Galvanic Assistant

Samurai 2

Wolsung has always been characterised by highly imaginative and interesting sculpts. Each of these models have some excellent touches of character to them, my favourite being the old lady surrounded by the tentacles of some evil creature, though the motion of the crackling lightning of the Galvanic Assistant and the Samurai's gear shaped crest are both very cool too.

On top of these, Micro Art have added a splash of colour to some of their concept sketches, better showing off the miniature designs.

Wolsung Coloured Concept

Wolsung Coloured Concept 2

Finally, Micro Art have also added colour to the Scylla character Vito Vendetta.

Vito Vendetta

Vito Vendetta is a creepy sculpt and to see it fully painted just enhances the effect. I would love to know more about his backstory, and how exactly he ended up this way.

Did you back the Wolsung Kickstarter? Which of these new models do you think is best?

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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