Micro Art Show Off Painted Scylla & Ace Wolsung Renders

September 17, 2014 by brennon

Micro Art Studios have been busy in the painting department when it comes to Wolsung and alongside some great looking renders we have a well painted group of the Scylla!

The Scylla

Some very cool looking miniatures with plenty of diversity and character. I like how everything in the world of Wolsung is decidedly brighter than your typical tabletop wargame. Loads of colour and vibrant designs to play around with.


Lady Dorothy Quimby

When it comes to future miniatures they've also worked on the creepy Ghoul for the Ven Rier Agents and Lady Dorothy Quimby for the Ash & Oak Club. Both are very cool miniatures and I reckon that Dorothy Quimby is just another reason to pick the Club as your faction of choice. I love their inventive nature and the top draw outfits they wear too!

Have you been following them with earnest?

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