Micro Art Show Off New Sculpts & Concepts For Wolsung

October 11, 2014 by dracs

It seems that a touch of smuggling is going on in Wolsung SSG as Micro Art Studios reveal the sculpts of two new members of the Triad of the Lotus Dragon.

Smuggler 1

Smuggler 2

As you can see, these two are far removed from the more traditional members of their faction. However, they fit in well with this world of fantasy gang warfare and are two particularly nice sculpts. The patches of the first smuggler's clothing are an especially nice touch.

Along side this despicable pair, Micro Art have released a couple of concept art pieces to whet our appetite for more.

Wolsung Concept 1

Wolsung Concept 2

Wolsung Concept 3

These all look like fantastic additions to what is already a game brimming with unique character and style. Being a Lotus player by choice, I am naturally excited to see the smugglers released, but no doubt all these models will look fantastic when finished and given a lick of paint.

What faction do you choose to field in Wolsung?

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