Micro Art Studios Drop A Wolsung SSG Update!

December 29, 2014 by brennon

Micro Art Studios put together another update for Wolsung SSG over the holiday season showing off some of the new terrain they've been working on and some new models too!

Telephone Boxes

News Posters


As you can see they've been doing some great work bringing these terrain pieces to life that will add a level of 'lived in' character to your tabletops. You always need a neat bit of cover as well as the big buildings to hide behind!

New Minis #1

New Minis #2

As well as the terrain pieces there has also been some great progress on the miniatures front as you can see above. Plenty of detail and lots of character in these pieces showing off a lot of skill from the Micro Art Studios team. I particularly like that mono-cycle, very awesome.


Last but not least is this piece of artwork for their big steampunk Golem that will eventually be coming to life on the tabletop. It's going to be great seeing how big this actually is and what it does on the tabletop too!

What do you think of this Wolsung update?

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