Micro Art Wheel Out More Wolsung

December 9, 2012 by dracs

Micro Art have released the Wolsung miniature that I have been waiting for. Sir Zachary Fiercebatten in his wondrous wheel chair!

Wolsung SSG - Sir Zachary

I am going to get this guy and fix him with some propellers and make him the president of my Gentleman's Club in Empire of the Dead.

Of course good ol' Zachary isn't the only fellow from Wolsung to appear. Two golems to help out in the lab.

Wolsung SSG - Lab Golem

Wolsung SSG - Lab Golem Back

I love that when it came to creating a lab assistant the inventor thought that the most important thing for it to have would be coat tails and a moustache.

What do you guys think of Micro Art's latest addition to the Wolsung range?

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