The Wolsung Steampunk RPG is up for Pre-Order!

July 19, 2012 by dracs

Wolsung, the wold of steam-punk style fantasy, now has it's role playing rules available for pre-order from Studio 2 Publishing.

Wolsung Steam Pulp Fantasy

"Welcome to the Fantastic 19th Century! Under the sky crowded with airships, steam-powered cars race the streets. The marriage of magic and science gave birth to mechanical golems, cabalistic thinking machines and fearsome iron dragons. Yet most of the world is still unexplored - who knows what treasures and mysteries await deep in the jungles and high on the mountain tops. In the dark corners of the earth the undead lurk (a terrible reminder of the Great War) while villains and evil masterminds plot their deranged plans."

Personally I have always had a real love of steampunk setting and I particularly like that of Wolsung. It's inclusion and adaptation of many of the standard fantasy tropes gives it the sense of what happens when a fantasy world starts to emerge from the medieval style setting most of them seem to occupy.

Who among you fancy delving into the smog smothered streets of Wolsung?

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