New Sculpts Revealed For The Steampunk World Of Wolsung!

July 4, 2014 by brennon

Micro Art Studios have shown off some more renders for new miniatures in the world of Wolsung that is currently on Kickstarter and still doing very well indeed. What do you make of the Tentacled Abomination and Cal & Aponne?

Tentacled Abomination

Cal & Aponne

Yes you are seeing that right, the Tentacled Abomination has actually just torn that poor chap in half! I suppose if you're going to be looking at Victorian-style Steampunk you have to put a bit of the Cthulhu into proceedings don't you!

Cal & Aponne are an awesome pairing too and it looks like it would be a perfect partnership on the tabletop. Duel revolvers AND a machine gun mounted on the back; he'll be a walking powerhouse.

Now bring on that massive Clockwork Giant you showed off Micro Art!

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