Ven Rier’s Necromantic Agents Stalk the Streets of Wolsung

May 23, 2014 by dracs

Micro Art Studios have published some of the concept sketches for the second of the two new Wolsung factions; the sinister Ven Rier's Agents.

Ven Rier's Agents

The story behind this club is they are what remains of a group of Wotonian extremists who followed the necromancer Ven Rier in his attempt to take over the world. Although they were vanquished, Ven Rier's agents now seek to take over the city of Lyonesse and stalk the citizens of Wolsung's world once more.

Ven Rier's Agents 2

Ven Rier's Agents 3

This new group mixes standard undead style with sinister steampunk technology, making them an incredibly dark set of mini designs in the stylistic setting of Wolsung SSG.

Is this a club you'd fancy taking into Wolsung?

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