The Warehouses of Wolsung are Available from Micro Art!

June 1, 2014 by dracs

If you've been watching our vids lately you will have seen the great Wolsung SSG table that Warren and Lloyd have made. On that table there are a pair of mdf warehouses, which have just appeared on the webstore of Micro Art Studio.

XIX Century Warehouse

XIX Century Warehouse Open

Having seen these building pieces in person, I can tell you that these are fantastic terrain pieces. They build together easily, and can be combined with Micro Art's other Wolsung terrain to help make an excellent, interactive tabletop.

XIX Century Warehouse One Floor

XIX Century Warehouse with Balcony

You can see these buildings, along with a bunch of other terrain sets available from Micro Art Studio, as part of our Wolsung table, which shows up in this week's episode of the Weekender.

Wolsung Table

Are you going to set up your warehouses in Wolsung?

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