Wolsung Begins to Emerge from the Smog of Beta

April 23, 2012 by dracs

As Wolsung nears the end of its beta stage the new version 1.2 rules have become available to all.

These rules contain everything you need to get playing, from the game's rules to those governing character creation.

Wolsung Rules

Now all that is lacking are some campaign rules, a modelling section and some more snazzy art work. Some WIP sketches have been included in these beta rules. Here's a couple just to whet your appetite.

Wolsung Steampunk Girl

Wolsung Blimp

Wolsung Zombies

Lastly my personal favourite.

Wolsung British Bobby

I really hope they choose to make a mini of this guy, the idea of a steampunk robotic British Bobby is just too cool. Especially if it gets painted up as being made from copper.

Have any of you tried out this game yet? Are you excited that its reaching the end of beta testing?

If you want to get a look at these rules just click the following link to Wolsung.

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