Wolsung Engage in an Exclusive Vendetta on Kickstarter

July 16, 2014 by dracs

There are three days left on the Wolsung Kickstarter and a couple of new previews have just appeared, including the Kickstarter exclusive mini Benito Vendetta.

Benito Vendetta

Benito here is one of the halfling Scylla and is practically oozing with style. He may not have some of the more steampunk additions of his contemporaries, but standing like that and wielding two Tommy guns it would take a brave person to face him.

Along with the preview of Benito a pair of new concept sketches have also appeared for Wolsung, the first of which shows off another of the Automobiles which we recently saw for the first time.

Automobile 2

This one is slightly less stylish than the other car we saw, geared more towards transporting goods, and perhaps ogre enforcers, to wherever you might need them.

The other concept sketch we have seen is of Herr Frost of the Ven Rier Agents.

Herr Frost

Herr Frost is a really interesting addition to an already menacing line up. This guy is obviously going to be bringing some ice magic into Wolsung, which should be interesting to see implemented in game terms.

If you want to get hold of this exclusive mini, hurry over to the Kickstarter before it ends.

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