Take an Exclusive Tour of the Wolsung Streets!

July 10, 2014 by dracs

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The Wolsung SSG Kickstarter has been growing in leaps and bounds and we at BoW have been lucky enough to get some exclusive pictures of their new table, as well as something else that is particularly intriguing in game terms...

The game table itself features many of the fantastic terrain pieces and buildings which we used in our own Wolsung table to recreate the vibrant city of Lyonesse.

Wolsung Table

Wolsung Table 1

Wolsung Table 2

Wolsung Table 3

Wolsung Table 4

Wolsung Table 5

But Lyonesse is a dangerous place and even after the sun goes down over the industrial centres of the city, the various gangs can still be found competing for dominance.

Lyonesse at Night

Lyonesse at Night 1

Lyonesse at Night 2

Lyonesse at Night 3

Lyonesse at Night 4

Lyonesse at Night 5

Lyonesse at Night 6

Lyonesse at Night 7

The guys behind Wolsung have been pretty clever with their lighting on these images, creating a dark and shadowy atmosphere that is very much in keeping with the game's cinematic style. It also tells me that Lyonesse exists in a time before gas lights. Guess they must think they'd be a bad idea as they'd make it easier for criminals to see what they're doing.

All in all this board set up shows off both the miniatures and the terrain pieces available for Wolsung SSG brilliantly, and the attention to detail on these painted buildings is superb. Of course, it would look even better if there was a pizza place, such as the new Scylla Pizzeria that has been unlocked on the Kickstarter.

Scylla Pizzeria

Scylla Pizzeria with Apartment

Now, this may look like an incongruous pizza place, but it is really a front for the sinister halfling mobsters of the Scylla.

Finally, we come to the last exclusive image that, I think, could mean something rather interesting for the game. Check out this sweet ride for getting about the streets of Lyonesse.

Wolsung Car

Not only is that a car, but it's an awesome looking car! That has to belong to the Scylla, it looks perfectly suited for some drive by shooting.

The inclusion of cars might be little more than a new terrain piece, but personally I hope it will mean new rules for their inclusion in the game, granting you more speed, but sacrificing the ability to interact with stuff on the table.

What do you think of the Wolsung table? Is the inclusion of cars a good idea for the game?

There are only 9 days left of the Kickstarter (at time of writing), so be sure to head over soon if you want to get into Wolsung.

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