The Wolsung SSG Kickstarter Is Now Live!

June 21, 2014 by lloyd

The Wolsung SSG Kickstarter from Micro Art Studios has begun! If you fancy diving into an awesome world filled with interesting and vibrant gangs then head on over and see what you can get your hands on!

Wolsung Kickstarter Now Live

Of course it wouldn't be a Kickstarter without a whole bunch of miniatures to pick up so let's take a look at what's on offer pledge wise as we kick things off...

Wolsung Rulebook

Wolsung Cards

Wolsung Dice

At a basic level you can pick up the rules for the game, some awesome looking playing cards and of course brilliant steampunk-style dice by the brilliant Q-Workshop (I have some of their fantasy dice, very nice!). As well as that though with some of the higher pledge levels you can grab some of those all important gangs!

Wolsung Starter Sets

...and on top of that once you've got the rulebook, the dice, the gangs and the cards you can also start thinking about picking up some of the terrain as well with different pledges!

Terrain Pledge

Some very cool bits and piece I think you'll agree! Of course there are plenty of extras already and many, many, many stretch goals planned for the future if the campaign does well (and it should!). So keep an eye on the Kickstarter!

Wolsung Demo Game Part 1!

We thoroughly enjoyed checking out Wolsung with our massive three player demo game that went live this morning! You can go and check out the video by following the link above. We have funny costumes, plenty of interesting characters to play with, and the system is dead simple to get your head round. I reckon you'll be making some tactical decisions for us in no time while watching!

The Wolsung Hub

As well as the demo game we have a dedicated hub for Wolsung on the website here at Beasts of War so if you want to see what new stuff is coming out and indeed check out a back catalog of news pieces and more then delve away.

Have you been swept up in Wolsung?

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