Wolsung’s Triads Introduce a New Recruit

February 5, 2013 by dracs

A character sketch for the Triads in Wolsung SSG has been released to get us all excited.

Wolsung SSG - Triads Ringbearer Sketch

This is a sketch of the Ringbearer of the Triads. I don't know what the character will be like in the game, but the design of the character sketch is pretty cool. I particularly like the intricacies of the ring she is carrying (I had to think about that for five mins before I came up with a sentence that wasn't an innuendo).

With the quality of Micro Art Studio's previous Wolsung sculpts, I cannot wait to see how this character turns out.

Have any of you given Wolsung SSG a go? What did you think of the game and miniatures?

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