Onyx Path Take Changing Breeds To Kickstarter

June 27, 2013 by brennon

It's another dose of Kickstarter today but this one harks back to a time of awesome role-playing for me. Onyx Path are bringing back another of the World of Darkness role-playing games, and this time its Changing Breeds!

Changing Breeds W20 Cover

Changing Breeds Sample Chapter

Bastet Sample

As you can see the Changing Breeds book will come with rules for playing as Weresharks, Weretigers, Werecats, Werecrocodiles and more! I remember back in the days of Old World of Darkness a friend of mine grabbed the Hengeyokai rules and we played as all these different creatures.

One of my favourites was the Rokea (the Weresharks) who reminded me of the cartoon show Street Sharks and when they were in their mightiest form could chew through the side of a ship and eat toxic waste to keep the ocean safe!

Onyx Path are doing a great job of pulling at the nostalgic strings with their Kickstarters and it looks like it's going to be successful once more.

You can actually check out a sneak peek at the book HERE.

Were you a fan of Changing Breeds?

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