More Miniatures Appear For Fat Dragon’s World War Tesla

February 1, 2016 by dracs

Fat Dragon Games are preparing their own new weird world war game for Kickstarter and have just published an image showing off a few more of the miniatures that will be in it.

World War Tesla

Here we can see the War of the Worlds style tripods once again, alongside two rather odd looking vehicles. One of these looks a bit more like the early tanks of WWI, albeit with a bit more steampunk tech, but the smaller tankettes with massive wheels are particularly odd.

I think these models look a little cartoonish, which promises a fun style for the game when Fat Dragon send it to Kickstarter later this year. However, a better terrain set up would definitely help show them off to greater effect.

Are you keeping an eye upon World War Tesla?

"The smaller tankettes with massive wheels are particularly odd..."

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