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Worthy Painting & Worthy Gaming Closing Down


Worthy Painting are closing down which is a massive shame! Check the video within for details on the closure.

Worthy Painting – Mercs Week Mini’s


We thought it would be cool to show off the great minis the guys over at Worthy Painting painted up for use during Mercs Week, so here they are set out on our multi level terrain board.

Worthy Painting Take Their Brush To Dark Potential


Worthy Painting have been busy painting some awesome looking models for MiniWarGaming's Dark Potential...

Worthy Painting Traveled South to Games Day UK


Worthy Painting headed to Games Day UK this year. It's also a great chance to show off some of their latest work!

Worthy Painting Bring the Chariniform to Life


Worthy Painting give a lick of paint to an undersea beastie!

Win a Warhound Titan with Worthy Painting


Worthy Painting are giving away a planet stomping THREE Warhound Titans to THREE lucky winners!

Coming Soon… A New Pad for Worthy Games!


Nick and the Guys from Worthy Painting will be opening their store in Preston (UK)... if you're local... you might want to check out Nick's walking tour of their 5 floor base of operations.

Who’s Got their 6th Edition 40K Book and what do you think of it?


So, slightly before the "official" release of the book, I managed to receive my Big Rulebook from a super-secret insider source... here's some of my views on the changes and a chance to have your say!

Worthy Painting Take on the Soda Pop Miniatures Line


Worthy Painting become the prime painting partner for Soda Pop Miniatures

MERCS Keizai Waza Starter Set from Worthy Painting!


Check out the awesome Keizai Waza MERCS Starter Set painted up by Worthy Painting!

The Worthy Painting Relics Repaint Continues


The Relics of Tor Gaming are given a new lick of paint by Worthy Painting.

Holy Flying Greenskins Batman!


Worthy Painting have posted an image of an extremely cool Goblin Doomdiver conversion. He is vengeance. He is the night. He is Batgoblin!

Worthy Painting Get Behind Mantic’s Kings of War Kickstarter


Worthy Painting join up with Mantic to help their Kickstarter Campaign. Fancy a fully painted army?

Waaagh the Orks! How do you Paint your Greenskins?


Check out the latest Greenskin Stormboyz from Worthy Painting.

Chapter House Studios Bring out the TRU-Scale Bitz


TRU-Scale your Sci-Fi Knights with new Conversion Kits from Chapter House Studios.

Is Chuck Norris a Cadian Veteran?


The guys at Worthy Painting have been working on some 80s-style Cadian Veterans for Warhammer 40K.

Worthy Painting Gets to Play with our MERCS Yellow Jackets!


Nick from Worthy Painting gives us a look at the Yellow Jackets Starter Box that his artists have painted for our upcoming MERCS coverage.

Worthy Painting Becomes Official Painting Studio for Relics


Here's a press release from the guys at Relics, confirming their new relationship with the painting service... Worthy Painting.

Worthy Painting and Relics… Part 2


Here's the second part of the the Worthy Painting visit to the Tor Gaming Studio... check out the cool Britanian Infantry!

Andy Grapples Backstage with Nick from Worthy Painting!


Andy gets to chat with Nick about his thoughts on Salute 2012 and tests his might against Worthy Painting's champion... place your bets on the arm-wrestling winner! Watch for a chance to WIN a painted Display Quality infinity mini of your choice.

Thunderwovles Completed by Worthy Painting


Hot of the Worthy Painting production line are these Thunderwolves... these are a cracking job. I wonder if Darrell will be inspired?

True Scale Dark Angels from Worthy Painting


Check out some of the cool modelling talent at Worthy Painting as they create some true scale Dark Angels!

Dragyri Starter Set for Dark Age


Worthy Painting have just finished our Dragyri starter set for Dark Age... check them out... they look great!

Here’s our Brood Starter Set!


Nick and the guys from Worthy Painting have just finished our Brood Starter Set for Dark Age... tell us what you think.

Now with Video Added

Check out our Forsaken Starter Set for Dark Age


Check out what the guys from Worthy Painting have done with our Forsaken starter set!

Eldar Titan in Startling Viridian


The guys from Worthy Painting have been putting together this exceptional Eldar Titan in a vibrant emerald green. Sorry Guys... I didn't notice the video link was broken... so here's the show again in all it's glory!

Worthy Painting Blood Angels Army Up for Charity Draw


Nick and the Worthy Painting team have been busy painting a metric tonne of Blood Angels for their charity draw... make sure you have your dribble bib at the ready!

Worthy Painting make their Space Marines Proper Sized!


The fluff for Warhamemr 40K puts those Space marines at 9' tall! What would that look like in miniatures terms... well Nick and his crew at Worthy Painting have some... check it out!

Not for Arachnaphobes! Giant Spiders, Orcs and Goblins


Nick and the guys from Worthy Painting give us a quick look at their latest Orcs & Goblins commission.

Forward the Forces of PanOceania!


The guys at Worthy Painting have done a sterling job painting this commission set of PanOceania's finest!

It’s Chaos at Worthy Painting!


The guys at Worthy Painting have finally finished their studio Chaos Army... check out the massive Chaos War Mammoth!

Dark Jade Necron Army from Worthy Painting


Awesome looking new Necron Army from Worthy Painting.

Ulthwe Eldar Army by Worthy Painting


The guys at Worthy Painting have been working on a cool Uthwe Eldar Army... check out the Harlequins!

Space Marines… Transform and Roll Out!


The guys at Worthy Painting have been busy putting together a custom Space Marine chapter... see what you think?

Check out the Worthy Painting Phantom Titan!


Nick and the guys from Worthy Painting have just finished their fantastic Eldar Phantom Titan.

Legion of Everblight by Worthy Painting


Check out the new commission the guys at Worthy Painting have created for the Legion of Everblight!

Space Hulk… the Worthy Painting Way


Nick and the guys from Worthy Painting have been working on a set of Space Hulk... check out those classy Blood Angels and fearsome Genestealers!

Imperial Custodians by Worthy Painting


I gave you a little taster of these last week... but here's the full video of Worthy Painting's Imperial Custodians. If you want to see some of the fantastic stuff the boys are creating for their new Worthy Games Store […]

Death Company by Worthy Painting


Check out the latest set of commissions by Worthy Painting... this time we've got a stunning set of Death Company (with a few Blood Angels thrown in) all destined for the sweaty palms of the illustrious Miniwargaming Dave!

Warhound Titan from Worthy Painting


The guys at Worthy Painting have just finished their massive Warhound Titan... check it out!

The BoW Warpath Starter from Worthy Painting


Take a look at the Warpath starter forces that Worthy Painting have knocked together for us!

Dark Angels from Worthy Painting… with Forge World Upgrades!


Check out the latest army from Worthy Painting. This time the guys have created a Dark Angels army with lots of cool Forge World upgrade parts.

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