Worthy Painting Traveled South to Games Day UK

September 25, 2012 by brennon

Worthy Painting traveled south this past weekend to Games Day UK. Check out their video above showing their trip down and a little of the event itself. We also thought this would be a great opportunity to show off some of their recent work!

Island of Blood High Elves

Island of Blood Skaven

First up is the Island of Blood set, with a High Elf and Skaven army painted up to an amazing standard. It's a standard paint scheme but a good one that shows off the miniatures perfectly.

Dark Vengeance Aspiring Champion

Dark Vengeance Terminators

Dark Vengeance Cultists

And here is a selection from the Dark Vengeance Starter Set. Above are the Cultists, Terminators and the Aspiring Champion model. This set is certainly making me want to start a Chaos Marine force, and I have even started testing out paint schemes of my own.

Here are the entries from Worthy Painting's Kate Evans and Dan Twiss...

Worthy Painting, Kate Evans, Finalist, 40k Squad

Worthy Painting, Dan Twiss, Finalist Single Miniature

Did you bump into Worthy Painting at Games Day? Or have you ever had a project done by them?

Go check out their site and consider them for your newest army!

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