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The Second Edition Of Wreck Age Reclaims The Post-Apocalypse


Hyacinth Games recently released the second edition of their 28mm scale post-apocalyptic skirmish game Wreck Age.

Look Ahead To More Wreck-Age Warriors Soon


Before Gen Con, Hyacinth Games talked a bit about some future models and I wanted to revisit that here with a look at two more of the previews they showed off for Wreck-Age.

Hyacinth Games Has A New Face Coming To The Wreck-Age Drifters


Wreck Age has announced a new mini on the way for the Drifters, and she means business! The Drifter Mother is the perfect example of what a post apocalyptic world would look like- getting the job done with a baby in tow.

Wreck Age Final Week On Kickstarter For Post-Collapse Vehicle Kits


Hyacinth Games is entering its last week on Kickstarter for their Wreck Age: Post-Collapse Vehicle Kits. There’s one more week to add some fantastic vehicles and roads to your post-apocalyptic games.

Wreck Age Vehicle Stretch Goals Tease To Customise Your Ride


The Wreck Age: Post-Collapse Vehicle Kits Kickstarter is funded and Hyacinth Games is showing off the fantastic stretch goal, add on bits that can be unlocked to customize your ride.

Wreck Age: Post-Collapse Vehicle Kits Drop On Kickstarter From Hyacinth


The post-apocalyptic world of Wreck Age is about to get even more interesting! Hyacinth Games is back on Kickstarter with their Wreck Age: Post-Collapse Vehicle Kits project to help your survivors get to point A to point B (with guns!).

Hyacinth Games Adds A Sweet Ride To Swag Bags At AdeptiCon!


Not only are vehicles becoming available for the game, Wreck Age, one will be added to 1500 of the coveted Swag Bags at Adepticon! Hyacinth Games will have their Vehicle Kickstarter live at that time, and how better to spark excitement than by offering a glimpse at the goods?

Hyacinth Games Announce Post Apocalyptic Vehicle Kickstarter


The post-apocalyptic world of Wreck Age is about to get even more awesome with the announcement of the upcoming Kickstarter from Hyacinth Games. Their Vehicles Kickstarter launches March 17th and will offer all sorts of epic transportation to take your game to the next level.

The ARHK Previewed For Hyacinth Games’ Wreck-Age


Stomping into the world of Wreck-Age by Hyacinth Games we now get a look at The ARHK who are a power hungry faction, cannibalising old tech to feed their war machine and make big land grabs.

Vehicles Coming To Wreck Age?! Yes Please!


Your post apocalyptic characters are about to get some sweet new rides for Wreck Age in 2017. Hyacinth Games will be ready to chat all about it at Adepticon this spring.

Wreck Age Welcomes Some New Arrivals For Shangri LA


Wreck Age is welcoming some creepy folk to the world of Shangri LA. Come and meet them.

Hyacinth Games Shows Off Their New Drifters Vanguard Box Set


If you’re a Drifter player in Hyacinth Games’ Wreck Age world, then you’ll be happy to hear about their latest Drifter Vanguard Box Set.

Weekender: Awesome Icarus Prize & Star Saga; Adventures in Spaaace!


We’ve got a chock-a-block full show for you this week where we’re talking to Mantic Games about Star Saga and Hyacinth Games about Wreck-Age too.

Explore Post-Apocalyptic Los Angeles In Wreck Age’s Shangri LA


Hyacinth Games have released a new background sourcebook for their post-apocalyptic game Wreck Age, taking players to the once great city of Los Angeles, renamed Shangri LA.

Test Out Hyacinth Games’ Wreck-Age Vehicle Rules


Tweaked since last AdeptiCon thanks to feedback from fans the Hyacinth Games team have put together a BETA Rules Pack for you to try out vehicles in your games of Wreck-Age.

A New Campaign Book Is Nearly Complete For Wreck Age


Do you have what it takes to survive life after the end? Wreck Age is a post apocalyptic game that pits players against one another in factions that are fighting to leverage power in the days after. The new campaign book, Wreck Age: The Uprisen is nearly complete and ready to expand the adventures.

Hyacinth Games’ Wreck-Age Gives Us A Peek At A WIP


Hyacinth Games’ Wreck-Age has given us a hint of an upcoming release.

The Church Of Fun Are Coming To The World Of Wreck-Age


Hyacinth Games have teased us with a few more shots of models that are coming out for their Church of Fun faction in Wreck-Age. See what you think of these twisted survivors…

Role-Play In The World Of Wreck-Age With New Sourcebooks


Will you be heading out to explore the wasteland in a series of sourcebooks coming out in the future from Hyacinth Games that allow you to role-play in the world of Wreck-Age?

Wreck Age Prepares for a Showdown in its 2 Player Starter Box


In the last Weekender we talked about how good it is for a game to have a two player starter box. Well now Hyacinth have released just that to help people get started in their game Wreck Age.

Find a Home in Wreck Age’s Shanty Town


The world of Wreck Age is a bleak, post-apocalyptic setting where everyday is a constant fight for survival. Still, everyone needs somewhere to hang up their gun after a long day and Hyacinth Games are currently working towards a new shanty town set.