Sometimes Even The Guild Allow Magic In Through The Breach

October 31, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

Isn't it interesting how people can bend the rules when it suits their purpose? It would seem that even the high and mighty Guild in Through the Breach have some tolerance for use of magic when it benefits them.

That's exactly where this week's preview takes us - meet the Magewright.

This fellow has a rather handy ability, Enchant Item, to store spells in an object to be used at a later date. Just think about that. How many instances do we think, "Oh man, I wish I had that spell ready now."

With this ability, you could do just that. If that's not cool enough, he also has Spontaneous Animation that allows him to transform piles of scraps into Clockwork Traps.

In addition to all this, the Magewright works particularly well with the Thalarian Doctrine, one of the few "legal" ways to use magic in Malifaux.

The Magewrights can enchant the weapons of its Witch Hunters, churn out magical bullets for the Nephilim Hunters and animate the battle constructs of the Amalgamation Office.

There are also independent Magewrights in the city that are authorized to legally sell their magical talents... provided that they submit to frequent Witch Hunter inspections. Just think of the possibilities!

Wyrd Games mentioned that the Magewright will be making his way Through the Breach in the upcoming expansion, Above the Law.

What do you think about adding some magic to your Guild?

"How many instances do we think, "Oh man, I wish I had that spell ready now"..."

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