Malisaurus Rex Looms In Wyrd’s Latest Penny Dreadful One Shot

November 17, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

There's just something about the title of Wyrd Games' latest Penny Dreadful One Shot: Jurassic Faux, that captured my attention. I have yet to journey Through the Breach and into the RPG world of Malifaux, but this Wyrdly wonderful angle may have just tipped the scale for me.

Sometimes the idea of starting into an RPG can be daunting because you don't know where to start, but with a Core Rules and a Penny Dreadful One Shot, you can literally hop in and get playing as the One Shots give you a preset story to drop right into and you can snag the latest one from DriveThru RPG.

The University of Malifaux is launching an expedition into the Wildlands, the primordial forest that sprang up around the ruins of Nythera when Titania was released from her prison. The purpose of the expedition is to gather biological samples for further research, but one of the professors has his eye on a specific prize: the fabled Malisaurus Rex.

Unfortunately, the Wildlands are more dangerous that the University expected, and the Malisaurus Rex is very, very hungry...

What sort of steampunk dinosaurs do you suppose you'd meet in the Wildlands of Malifaux?

"...this Wyrdly wonderful angle may have just tipped the scale for me"

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