Couple Vs Cardboard Check Out The Imperial Aces

April 17, 2014 by brennon

Fantasy Flight Games' X-Wing Miniatures Game is pretty damn popular right now but with so many ships out there it might pay to have some people talk you through what each of them do. Couple Vs Cardboard are doing just that and looking at the Imperial Aces Expansion...

Imperial Aces

The folks go very, very in-depth when it comes to the set checking out the miniatures, the pilots, the upgrades and the dials and have looked at them in the past as well (and will most likely do in the future too!). See what you think of their video breakdown above and then possibly uncover a bit more by delving through their site.

I'm yet to get stuck into the world of X-Wing but I am holding out for Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing later this year I think.

Give them a watch and check out some of their other stuff too!

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