Fantasy Flight Preview More Of The TIE Bomber & B-Wing

August 7, 2013 by brennon

If you're a big fan of X-Wing at the moment then you'll be pleased to see some more information about the B-Wing & TIE Bomber from Fantasy Flight Games...

B-Wing & TIE Bomber Art

These are two more of the iconic ships from the world of Star Wars and if you've ever played any of the Rogue Squadron games you will have fond memories of both I'd imagine!


TIE Bomber

They have gone into some of the new tactics for these craft and much more. Both offensive and defensive measures have been looked into and while you wouldn't think a TIE Bomber would be much of a deadly craft it probably has its situational uses when in a dog fight.

If you're an X-Wing aficionado then post below with how you'd be using these craft in your games of X-Wing.

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