Fantasy Flight Talk Big X-Wing Ships & New Tournaments!

August 22, 2013 by brennon

Fantasy Flight Games have gone into more detail about their big ships and exactly how they are used in your games of X-Wing. You can see more information on the ships and the new play styles below...

Tantive IV

Rebel Transport

These ships are obviously too big to be used in the basic games of X-Wing and so they will now be useful in Cinematic Play and with Epic Tournaments.

In Cinematic Play you will be able to play out the evacuation from Hoth in a series of linked scenarios where you take off, take on the Imperial blockade and try and break free.

Epic Tournaments are just that, epic. You will be able to use these bigger ships with specially designed scenarios based on cimematic play. For example the mighty Tantive IV will be able to lend its powerful lasers to the fight against oncoming waves of Tie Fighters.

Will you be picking them up?

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