Fantasy Flight Makes the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs

January 4, 2013 by dracs

One of the great icons of the Star Wars franchise is making its appearance in Fantasy Flight's X-Wing. The one, the only, the Millennium Falcon!

Millennium Falcon

It took part in the destruction of the Death Star, it hid from the Empire in the gullet of an asteroid bound space worm, it did the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, and now it is coming to your tabletop!

Millennium Falcon Expansion Pack

This expansion pack brings you new cards to help faithfully recreate this great star ship which has inspired so many others. As Fantasy Flight themselves have said "more than one YT-1300 light freighter exists in the Star Wars galaxy, but there’s only one Millennium Falcon." To represent this you will get this upgrade card.

Millenium Falcon Upgrade

Attached to a YT-1300, this represents the various upgrades the Millenium Falcon has been given and provides the ship with the evade action. Yes, you can now shake off your pursuers by turning left just like in the film.

To make the ship even more effective you will also get a number of other upgrades, ranging from your shields to those vital crew members.

Millenium Falcon Shield Upgrade


... Awesome.

Whether your a Rebel or an Imperial, this is one ship you will want to add to your collection. Though of course only Rebels will get to make use of it.

Do you guys think this miniature lives up to the legend?

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