FFG Strike From The Shadows With X-Wing’s TIE Phantom

May 7, 2014 by brennon

Fantasy Flight Games just aren't slowing down when it comes to X-Wing and one of their next ships is going to be the TIE Phantom! It's time to use some of that Imperial money to use these technical marvels to thwart the pitiful Rebels...

TIE Phantom Pack

TIE Phantom

One of the coolest things about this TIE Phantom is that it can cloak and float around the battlefield hidden from view...

"In game play, the TIE phantom’s ability to cloak and decloak, combined with its primary attack value of “4,” makes it a fearsome predator. High pilot skill values make it even more lethal. If it’s threatened in the heat of battle, it can cloak, becoming a truly elusive target. Then, when the moment presents itself, it can decloak and pounce upon an unwary foe."

...you can find out more specifics about cloaking and the TIE Phantom over on the Fantasy Flight website!

A good addition to your Empire fleet?

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