Fight On The Planetary Tech Station With X-Wing & Star Trek!

July 26, 2014 by brennon

An enterprising individual has taken to Kickstarter to bring you an interesting modular Planetary Tech Station board for playing X-Wing, Star Trek Attack Wing and more on. See what you think of this rather spiffing creation...

Planetary Tech Station #1

Planetary Tech Station #2

Planetary Tech Station #3

The board comes with enough tiles to make a rather expansive board for playing either of the games mentioned above. As well as that you can just remove the various turrets and such and use it as an industrial complex for normal 28mm gaming if you like.

I think this looks like a rather neat project and could be something of a vanity project for the X-Wing player who has everything and just wants more. The surface has been tested and while it looks like it would screw with your dice the creator assures that it's fine and they roll well!

Does this look like something you'd add to the gaming room?

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