Stay On Target With the Next Expansions for X-Wing

July 30, 2014 by dracs

Fantasy Flight Games recently unveiled the next two large base ships which will be joining the battle for the galaxy in X-Wing, including the new Rebel Alliance Yt-2400 Freighter.

Star Wars X-Wing YT-2400 Freighter

This freighter relies on its heavy shielding and turret weapons to blast its way past enemy ships, making it a useful large ship for the Rebel fleet.

However, as with all the expansions this has a bit more to it than just a new ship. Among the new goodies is a ship upgrade card designed by X-Wing world champion Paul Heaver: Stay On Target.

Stay on Target

This card is pretty useful as it allows you to adapt your movements to deal with unexpected turns in play. For example, if you had planned your next movement to follow an enemy ship, only for them to go off in a completely unexpected direction, Stay On Target would allow you to adapt to the situation and change your movement to suit the situation.

Stay On Target Diagram

As you can see, such an upgrade would be very useful for your Rebel fighters, allowing a level of adaptability that will come in very useful for those intense dogfights.

This isn't the only new goody we have to look forward to, and Fantasy Flight have stated that they will be taking a closer look at these in the run up to the new releases.

Do you play X-Wing? Is Stay On Target going to be a useful addition to your games?

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