X-Wing Flies Beyond the Original Trilogy for the First Time

June 14, 2013 by dracs

Fantasy Flight Games have previewed the next two ships which will be engaging in the epic space battles of their popular miniatures game X-Wing, one of which did not appear in the original series.

Both the Rebels and Empire are getting new goodies to play with. The Empire will be receiving the iconic Lambda Class Shuttle.

Lambda Class Shuttle

Lambda Shuttle

This is of course the shuttle from which would emerge the sinister forms of either Darth Vader or the Emperor himself as they were brought aboard the Death Star. With its slowly unfolding wings and grand orchestral soundtrack, these shuttles just added to their menacing appearance. You can say this for the sith, they know how to make an entrance.

In order to come up with a Rebel counterpart to this shuttle the developers of X-Wing were forced to step beyond the boundaries of the original three films. What they found was the HWK-290.


This ship is taken from the video game Star Wars: Dark Forces. The creators worked closely with the designs of the ship to recreate it accurately in miniature form.

Both of these ships specialise in a support role, assisting your other ships in the battle for supremacy in space. These two new expansions are sure to provide you with new tactical options to draw upon and take into account when facing your enemy.

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