X-Wing System Open Spoils Are For The Taking At Hoth (Adepticon)

January 10, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

Fantasy Flight Games continues to make tournament play for X-Wing pretty hard to turn down with the X-Wing goodies up for grabs.

Xwing open vadar cards

If you're participating in the X-Wing System Open of Hoth at this year's Adepticon, you will find a fantastic collection of prizes up grabs.

xwing open vadar cards2

To get things started, all participants will receive an alternate Darth Vadar crew card as well as a damage deck from the new core set featuring an exclusive alternate back! Pretty nice, right? Just for playing a game that we already know is fantastic.

And yes, you are looking at his rules printed in Aurebesh, the original language of Star Wars. Don't speak it? No worries, here's the rules in English:

xwing open vadar cards3

There will also be a limited number of commemorative play mats featuring the planet designation of the event, in Adepticon's case, Hoth. No word yet on exactly how one gets a hold of one of these mats. Fantasy Flight leaves this to the discretion of the tournament organiser.

It may be random, it may be earned- check the rules of the tournament for further details before the event.

xwing open mat

And now we start earning extras based on performance. After the first 7 rounds, players that won four games will find themselves in possession of a unique pair of target lock tokens, exclusive to the series.

Each victory beyond the fourth will earn another pair of tokens with a different design - which means those seventh game victory tokens will be very special indeed!

xwing open tokens

Players that win 5 or more games on Day One will advance to the final day of competition featuring two or three rounds based upon the number of players that advanced. Players that win one of these rounds will receive a set of ten acrylic shield tokens featuring Lord Vadar's colors and design.

A second victory will earn another set of these, so players may find themselves with a set of twenty tokens.

xwing open tokens2

After the final day's rounds, the top eight players will be seeded single-elimination play and will receive red and black, Vadar-esque manoeuvre templates.

xwing open movement

The top four will also receive a set of three Vadar themed range rulers to add to their collection.

xwing range rulers

The finalists and winners will receive a plaque or trophy for the planet designation of the Open they attend, and the winner will receive the epic grand prize of advancing to the Coruscant Invitational at Star Wars Celebration Orlando. They will have travel and hotel accommodations covered as they represent the best in the galaxy at the event!

Don't forget that the Open Events typically feature a Hangar Bay Variant on the final day of the Open, so be sure to read the rules carefully to see if this is an option for you.

Participants in the Hangar Bay variant will find themselves in possession of this fantastic double sided, full art car featuring the VCX-100 pilot “Lothal Rebel” on one side and the TIE Adv. Prototype pilot “Baron of the Empire” on the other.

Is it just me, or is the Force calling you to play some X-wing?

"And yes, you are looking at his rules printed in Aurebesh, the original language of Star Wars..."

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