XCOM 2 Announced & Coming To PC In November

June 1, 2015 by brennon

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XCOM 2 has been announced and will be coming out later this year in November. If you liked the original game then you're going to be getting more of the same but with an added dose of awesomeness. See what it's like in the trailer above...

XCOM Ranger

So what's the state of play now? IGN have all the news...

"Watch the debut trailer above for a glimpse into a future where the aliens are in control of the Earth, and XCOM has gone underground to fight to overthrow their Advent government. This new guerrilla force will face more powerful enemies in unpredictable combat scenarios as they fight to turn the tables on a technologically superior enemy."

The aliens have taken control and the Advent are the new soldiers you'll be having to fight against as well as new and improved aliens on top of entirely new species. As per the trailer above, snake men!

Advent Captain

Evolved Sectoid

Advent Troopers

As you can see above it's looking a bit different from the first game with locations taking on a MUCH more Sci-Fi feel. The team have been updated too with the multiple countries returning on top of some awesome new weapons including melee choices.

I love the idea of an XCOM team on the run trying to not only go out on missions but also having to defend their base (I assume). Let's hope we also see an expansion to the board game.

The game will be PC exclusive this time around too!

What do you think of the trailer?

"...XCOM has gone underground to fight to overthrow their Advent government"

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