X-COM The Board Game Is Coming From Fantasy Flight!

August 5, 2014 by brennon

X-COM: The Board Game is coming from Fantasy Flight Games and puts you and your friends in the hot seat as the world is threatened by alien invasion!

X-Com The Board Game

X-Com Board Game Components

The game will see you fighting off alien invasions by air and my land and of course doing things like researching new technology and keeping the world's countries happy as you teeter on the brink of all out panic.

You can play as the Commander who controls where the aircraft strike teams go, the Chief Scientist researching new tech and the weaknesses of the enemy, the Central Officer in charge of communications and conveying information to the team and finally the Squad Leader who will be making up the ground troops who head into contact with the alien menace.

Interestingly the game also comes with a digital app that helps run the game and provides you with not only the plans of the aliens but also your intel! You need the digital component of this game to play but it's free and runs off all kinds of devices including laptops and handheld phones and tablets.

Will you be taking control of your own X-COM team?

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