Preview Upcoming Cards For WizKids’ Yu Gi Oh Dice Masters

January 28, 2015 by brennon

Wizkids have been continuing to preview upcoming cards from their new Dice Masters set, Yu Gi Oh, over on Facebook so if this is going to be the entrance way into the game for you you might want to check them out here...

Baby Dragon

Blue Eyes White Dragon

Curse of Dragon

Slifer the Sky Dragon

Thousand Dragon

As you can see there has been quite the focus on Dragons at the moment for the game and while I might not like the card art the actual dice symbols are very cool indeed. I always like seeing what kind of iconography they go with for cards in Dice Masters.

Time Wizard

The only thing that hasn't been a Dragon is the Time Wizard which popped up as one of the early previews. This is quite a powerful dice as per it's description you can very easily smash apart any carefully planned defence with him. It can of course hurt you in the process but I suppose that's the problem with messing with time!

Are you getting into Dice Masters with Yu Gi Oh?

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